About Us

Flipsydee is an importer of wide range of wine, beer & spirits brands. It is also a consulting company that provides business solutions for brand development through sales and marketing.

On this journey, we at Flipsydee have observed that entrepreneurs and organizations are looking for services that can focus on the specific needs of their business while assisting them on aspects ranging from broad categories like business planning, decision-making and problem solving to developing brands through sales and marketing efforts.

A young, self-motivated and 'unique' firm like Flipsydee is your ideal brand builder in today's dynamic business environment.


What we do

Flipsydee is the importer of brands who have a story to tell. Every wine,beer or spirit brand in our portfolio is unique to their place of origin.


Flipsydee is an importer of wide range of wine, beer & spirits brands from around the world.

Sales and Marketing

Flipsydee provides end to end services across marketing and sales platforms and develops business growth solutions. We at Flipsydee follow a process, wherein, we don't just give advice on what to do, but we work on the same to get things done!


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